The Front Line in Augmented Reality

We’re bringing the archives to the streets…

Social movements including Me Too and Black Lives Matter inspire an approach to archives and how to connect people to history and the present to achieve a greater understanding of divisiveness and marginalisation. In a society reeling from Brexit and now a global pandemic, we require multiple diverse and creative discourses to understand how to rebuild.

Evidence to Exist Research Group (E2E) is excited about our work to develop a new intersectional multimedia practice via the relatively new avenue of digital media known as augmented reality (AR). AR is a ground-breaking technology that connects the physical landscape with the digital canvas and affords a way to map and layer photography, videos, and visual narratives over a physical location to tell stories; old and new.

The prototype shown here uses the photographic archive of the 1981 Brixton uprising and the sensors of a smartphone to augment the view of the street that was known as the ‘Front Line’.

For E2E this represents the next major technical advancement in archives and mapping; a tool that intersect visual media and social-political discourses.

Locations in this archive